About Us


About Us

About Us

Putnam Farms is run by, you guessed it, the Putnam family! The kids are a bit wee right now so that means all the work falls to us.

Nathan has been in the Kingston area for over 12 years. Nights / weekends he works as a paramedic and ambulance dispatch supervisor. 

Keshia grew up in Prince Edward County and has been on a farm more or less her whole life. Lucky her! Asides from the kids and the farm, she also finds time to run her crafting business making custom pottery, signs, artwork and more!

Little Charlotte and baby Thomas are still in training...

The Farm

We are always working on something new, with dozens of (half done) projects on the go - keeps things interesting!

Right now, our farming efforts are primarily focused on our CSA (community supported agriculture) operation, in 2021 we hope to grow vegetables for 30 families. We also produce eggs, hay, firewood, manure, fence posts and other farming products. 

Starting 2021, we are also beginning to offer seedlings and hope to expand our operation with the addition of a greenhouse this year. 

Sometime in the near future we will be lauching our farm store, with products for sale at the farm gate - stay tuned!